Frigo 2500 AC

Converged Micro Data Center

Redefining the landscape of modern IT infrastructure
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What's so awesome about it?

Collative team of engineers with passion to synergy and simplicity through perfection engineering.


Trust is built from a reliable platform for you to further your business knowing that your cover from a dedicated engineering team, whom are passion creating the solution that will not die in front of you.


To lower your operation cost of your data center and help make the world a greener place for our next generation. Therefore, efficiency is our primary concern of our engineering team.


Your life is complicated enough that simplicity is what you are looking for to help solve your day and our passionate engineering will do the sophisticated stuff for you.

Key product features

Discover why solution is so revolutionary to your business demands.

01. Converged infrastructure

Simplified deployment and let you focus on what matters to your business. We have unified containment, cooling, environment power backup and management into one single unit. This will enhancing the efficiency in IT Infrastructure by using our tailor made product.

02. efficiency (PUE 1.44)

Energy efficiency help lower your operating cost while demand more computing power. By designing our solution as micro hot containment system where there is separation between hot and cold aisle, you are sure that your equipment get the cool airflow directly where it needs and fully optimized.

03. Silent operation

It’s has been designed to operating silently like you are in a library or a nice bird call, which make noise sound not more than 40 dB at 100 ft. So you can place the rack right in the center of your office as an icon of your cutting edge in technology and work in harmony together with man and machine.

04. Mobility

Be able to move at moment notice was of our design process, simplicity of plug and play for such complex product. So you could move agilely in this even dynamically change business environment is importance for us to help business meet this demand.