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Converged, Efficient, Prefabricated

The Frigo Series Converged Micro Data Center include a revolutionary converged infrastructure platform to house business branch IT and Networking equipment in safe and reliable environment by delivering cooling and management in self-contain rack enclosure. These micro data center are designed to rapidly deployed at the target site and energy efficiency help lower your operating cost while computing power demand increase.

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The Frigo has been design to be self contained.

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Features and Capabilities

Simplified deployment and let you focus on what matters to your business. We have unified containment, cooling, environment power backup and management into one single unit. This will enhancing the efficiency in IT Infrastructure by using our tailor made product.

  • Efficiently cool air circulation

    Air circulation is totally enclosed in the rack, which reduce the heat loss calculation by minimizing the footprint area when comparing traditional server room to the closed enclosure of Frigo.

    Air Flow System
  • Power consumption efficiency

    During peak loads, the calculated power utilization efficiency (PUE) could go as low as 1.44 simple explanation are that if IT equipment cost $1 for electric bill then the cooling would cost $0.44. Compare to the traditional server room which PUE is around 2.5, meaning 71% cost reduction in cooling.

    Cost reduction
  • Insulation enclosure

    The rack is insulated with polypropylene material to help reduce heat from external environment to the IT equipment and keep the cool air contain within the enclosure, which help reduce cooling power consumption in providing cooling to the rack.

  • Easy & rapid installation

    Frigo mean refrigerator in French, it has been design to be deployed like commodity home refrigerator but operate like industrial machine. Electrical power is the only input that the enclosure needs, you don’t require water drainage system, as due to our proprietary evaporative drainage that also help increase cooling performance.

  • Operations and management

    Simple configure, monitoring, and management through the Console Panel. Alerts could be notified through a cellular network.

  • Agile and mobile

    The product is feasible and could be move at a moment notice to meet the business agility demand.